Welcome to Hyper! We're an avatar social network that makes it easy for VTubers (Virtual YouTubers) to make videos and live-stream using avatars. Hyper uses motion capture to bring your vtuber to life with realistic facial animations and a suite of tools for beginners and professionals. Record and post on our app, or export your avatar through OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) if you have a preferred desktop setup.


You might want to use your Hyper streaming setup with desktop apps like Zoom, Discord, Twitch, or YouTube. This guide will teach you how to use Hyper with streaming tools like Streamlabs or OBS.

Streamlabs or OBS are software used by streamers to send video output to livestreaming services like Twitch and YouTube. They also have tools that will allow you to use them with external apps, enabling you to use your avatar in Zoom or Discord calls with your friends.

While this guide has been written specifically for OBS, the general rules are the same for most streaming software. We will also focus on using OBS with Zoom, because setting up OBS for a stream is a complex process for which many guides already exist, such as this detailed guide by The Verge.

Our guide requires the use of additional equipment if you need to connect Hyper with OBS on a Windows operating system. If you’re looking for an equipment-free guide, check out Vtubing with Hyper’s OBS Plugin for Windows.



There are different requirements for setting up Hyper with OBS depending on the operating system of your computer.


If you're using Apple’s macOS, your computer will automatically see any attached iPhone as a video input, so you will not need any extra accessories other than a Lightning cable to attach your iPhone to your macOS device. This will enable you to stream using OBS with no other equipment necessary.


If you're using Microsoft Windows, you can use any of the methods below to get your Hyper Vtuber avatar into OBS.