Welcome to Hyper! We're an avatar social network that makes it easy for VTubers (Virtual YouTubers) to make videos and live-stream using avatars. Hyper uses motion capture to bring your vtuber to life with realistic facial animations and a suite of tools for beginners and professionals. Record and post on our app, or export your avatar through OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) if you have a preferred desktop setup.

In this guide, we show you how to quickly get started with Hyper by going over some of our main features. You can build your own avatar in-app, learn how our cutting-edge face and hand tracking works, and livestream directly from the Hyper app.

Once you master this, you can easily use Hyper to do many more cool things like recording avatar videos for TikTok or even attending Discord or Zoom calls with your avatar through OBS.

Build your avatar!


Making a Vtuber avatar with Hyper just takes a few simple steps. To start, click the avatar button on the Hyper app home screen. You can then customize your avatar’s wardrobe, facial features, and backgrounds with just a few simple clicks.

We roll out new items every month so keep checking regularly and go to our Discord to make any specific requests.


Using VRMs to Vtube on Hyper

Many VTubers already have existing avatars. Using Hyper doesn’t mean that you need to create your avatar from scratch, you can easily use your own avatar by importing the VRM on Hyper. For a quick and easy tutorial, read How to Import VRM files on Hyper.

Face tracking & hand tracking (beta)


Hyper uses your phone's camera to intelligently control your avatar's face and hands, making your avatar come to life. This enhances your VTubing experience by mimicking any move you make in real life. We recommend positioning your phone 1–2 feet away for best results.

Right now, face tracking only works on iOS devices with a TrueDepth camera (devices that support FaceID), but we're working on bringing support to more devices very soon.

Hand tracking is currently available in limited parts of the app in the Live, Post, and OBS options as a beta feature. To enable hand tracking, go into the live options in the app and click on hand tracking. We will continue to improve this over time, so please keep an eye out for that.


We currently offer live-streaming within our application but for our VTubers and power users, we also allow you to import your character to OBS or any other streaming software easily.

In-App Live-streaming: