Join the Hyper Creator Program and get exclusive in app perks! Are you a talented Tiktokker? Great at making Youtube Shorts? Then you should definitely apply.

How to apply

🥈  Silver Creator


  1. Post 3 approved Tiktoks. Staff will decide to approve Tiktoks based on quality.
  2. Link your posts into the #creator-entries Discord channel to get your watermark removed. The Tiktoks must include #hyperonline and show using the app creatively.
  3. To retain this role, you must be active on social and in the app (at least two posts a month). If you become inactive, you will be automatically removed from the role but you can reapply!


  1. The ability to save your posts without the Hyper watermark.
  2. The Hyper Creator Silver role on Discord
  3. Occasional art items.

🥇  Gold Creator


  1. Achieve Silver Content Creator status.
  2. 3 weeks of consistent Hyper content on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube Shorts (at least 2x a week).